Dossier management for professional offices

Adapting to the present times will be the great challenge for a sector accustomed to working with paper.

In today’s world we are made to communicate adapting to new times and new habits, this fact reveals that the companies that bet the most on 4.0 Industry  are the ones that suffer the least and that new technologies are fundamental to solve this problem.

Our platform is designed according to the needs required by highly recognized offices in your sector. We are able to adapt your needs by looking for new improvements, the result being the guarantee of growth, evolution and survival.

Designed for all types of offices, this tool allows you to offer a new channel of collaboration, without having to worry about tasks that do not concern you at the technological level, such as security, contingency and migrations in the changes of the different operating systems.

Easy Access

No installation, platform accessible from any device with internet, tablet, smartphone, computer, access to information from anywhere at any time.

Document management

In the legal profession, for instance, where a large amount of documents is  the norm, Themix allows intelligent scanning of documents, and can discriminate which parts of the information we want to link to the dossier, also allowing us to associate keywords to it so that  it will be easier to find the desired documents.

Compatible with the most common formats (Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, etc).

Physical location of dossiers.

Using RFID technology, a tracking of physical dossiers can be carried out in offices that have a large number of rooms and a large number of dossiers.


Themix has a control over restricting access to different features and dossiers, distinguishing by profile and by user. In this way, each worker will see what the administrator wants them to see, thus protecting the information and easily monitoring the work of each user.

Simple manager that allows full control

From very intuitive screens you can quickly access all the information.

  • The client's dossiers (personal data, judgments, documents, notes and status of records) easily locate the information in order to respond promptly to the client's requirements.
  • Calendar. Being able to access from anywhere and device the same agenda provides a fluid communication in the office. It allows you to schedule tasks, notices, trials and consultations of lawyers with individual or shared access. With an interface as simple as a paper schedule or from the dossier itself, having up-to-date information is a reality.
  • Alerts for overdue. A critical task is to be able to monitor the time limits required in complaints to different public bodies (social security, etc.), procedural deadlines, administrative deadlines, limitation periods and existing periods of validity in a judicial proceeding.
  • Statistics. With a single click you can get valuable information: number of cases won/lost, activity per lawyer, etc.
  • Minutes. Issuance of minutes quickly and simply, including the corporate image of the office and with automatic breakdown of taxes and tax base.
  • Time control. Compliance with Real Decreto-Lei 8/2019 (Spain) requires the company to guarantee and document the daily record, where the specific time of start and end of the day of each worker must be reflected. Themix allows you to fulfill the obligation to keep records for four years.

Storage and backup space

Themix allows you to automatise backups, which ensure one hundred percent data recovery in the face of any critical situation. Scale storage allows you to pay only for the needs of each moment.