Trypton Labs

Trypton believes that without investment in I+D+i it is not possible to move towards the future. That's why we invest a large percentage of our profits in executing our own I+D+i activities with the following objectives:

  • Continuous technological improvement in areas where we are already specialists and have a reference positioning in the market.
  • Predicting the needs of our customers in the technological area is an intrinsic part of our DNA when it comes to generate innovation.

Since our foundation we have faced different changes in technology, programming languages, integration with new hardware devices, implementation of interfaces on different platforms, as well as new work philosophies to improve the lives of our workers and the quality of our projects.

I+D Project in progress

Platform for automating the process of transport and logistics of industrial containers (OndeYe)

This project is based on the development of a platform for automating the process of transport and logistics of industrial containers (specifically those used from construction waste and demolition, as well as those of farms, livestock and forestry), facilitating the work of the different areas involved in this process.

This project was co-financed by both the Government of the Principado de Asturias through IDEPA, the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (PCTI) 2018-2022, and by the European Union through FEDER.



Hardware integration

Our solutions have a clear vocation to correspond to Industry 4.0. The incorporation of new devices responsible for process automation and data collection is therefore essential.

We are constantly looking for new gadgets without excluding any advances that may add value.

In our test bank we carry out all the necessary tests to successfully incorporate these new devices to our final products


New languages

Some companies place the bet for their expansion in the development of tools and languages, which they will then be forced to maintain to avoid the great cost of replacing it during the life of the project.
At Trypton, due to our belief in continuous innovation, we use advances in technology so that our applications remain competitive and attractive in face of the current constant evolution.
The need for permanent adaptation becomes unavoidable and that is why we specialize in deploying and addressing the mass migrations of our products after an earlier phase of laboratory testing.
Since our foundation, we have made important developments that have ensured that none of our applications is based on outdated languages that are poorly adapted to the new reality.


Implementation of interfaces with other platforms

It is becoming increasingly common and necessary for different platforms to communicate with each other and to transmit information fluidly. That's why at Trypton we constantly investigate how best to conduct this exchange of information. We have incorporated different communication interfaces into our solutions and will continue to incorporate many others in the future.
Integration with the different platforms of public administration.

  • Creation of Wordpress widgets.
  • Automation for loading in Corporate ERP.
  • Creation of API REST for data extraction from our platforms

New ways of working

Not only do we focus on technical innovations, but we also believe that innovation has to be applied in all areas of the company. The new times bring with them new ways of understanding and managing work.
By applying Scrum technology to streamline work routines, we seek more fluid communication between team parts. This results in reduced production costs and faster delivery times for our projects. All in all, in higher quality work on the final product.
Our workers are also in constant training and are free to apply the knowledge acquired in the new projects we carry out.
Our commitment to total cloud technology has made us pioneers in teleworking. All of our infrastructures have been migrated to the cloud so we can do our job wherever and whenever we want.
This has made it possible to achieve better labour and family conciliation for our workers and help us have a better planet.