Trypton IIoT

Good hardware and software integration results in more effective processes, cost savings and maximum resource efficiency.

With the development of our own hardware elements, we equip our applications as a key element for the new era of Industry 4.0.

All components are now connected, and we can obtain valuable information that can be used in strategic decision making.

We make hardware devices that previously performed more irrelevant functions provide process information that is stored for later exploration with Big Data tools.


Using the experience accumulated over the years, we have implemented our own access control. Based on various standard configurations, we adapt our product to the specific needs of our customer.

Our engineers are constantly working on improving our TOTEM so that each evolution exceeds the previous one. On the other hand, our manufacturing system includes rigorous testing systems to ensure that the product perfectly fulfils its mission.

reconocimiento de matrículas

License plate recognition.

Detección por radiofrecuencia

Radio frequency detection.

Pantallas táctiles

Touch screens for viewing information and entering data by the user.

Lectura de códigos QR

Qr code reading.

Semáforo para el control de acceso a báscula

Integrated traffic light to simplify installations.

Detección automática del material trnasportado

Automatic capture of material or product transported by truck