Online management reaches your federation or sports club

Using the latest technologies,  this is the definitive application for the integral management of federations and sports clubs.

Colixeum is a powerful tool with which you can easily and intuitively manage the daily life of your federation or club. From registration of player licenses, team management and membership control to documentation, statistics, competitions, ticketing, you can automatically publish the information on the corporate website....

Make your daily life easier and avoid repeating tasks by unifying them on the same platform!!

Colixeum is a management tool designed for the cloud, which makes it tremendously versatile. It can  be used from any internet connected device.

Cloud management

Colixeum is a management tool designed for the cloud, which makes it tremendously versatile. It can be used from any internet connected device.

With Colixeum you won't have to worry about where the information is, because it will be accessible wherever you are. In addition, multiple users will be able to work with the app and share the information.

It is not necessary to install any type of software on your PC, just open the browser and after validating your account you can work with all the tools offered by Colixeum. Another advantage offered by cloud technology is data security and integrity. Backups are fully automated and transparent to the user. In addition, Colixeum considers the current regulations about data protection law.

Security and user profiles

Colixeum allows the creation of users with different access profiles depending on their role: Players, coaches, administrative staff, etc.

Documentation, Roster, Squad

Control is increasingly important in the management of players, access to rosters and sending of circulars. Colixeum offers the possibility to locate all this information easily and safely.

Reports and Statistics

Colixeum creates both predetermined and statistical reports with stored data, which you can view, print or export for better information management.

Online registration licenses, members, young players

Become part of the digital age. Colixeum allows you to register and manage online payment, and allows your users to have a virtual card.

Multi language

We speak the same language. Colixeum allows you to work in different languages.

Sports management

In a single application you will have control of information relating to federations, clubs, teams, players, coaches, referees, managers, etc. With a single click you can access important data such as addresses, contacts, bank details, etc. Clubs and Federations are depend on their players, from colixeum you can control all the pertinent information : players’ status, teams to which they belong, documentation, etc...

Organization and communications

Colixeum makes it easy for us to work in communication within the Club. You can manage your email addresses by customizing the signature of your messages, and send your corporate emails both individually and massively. You will also have a schedule to create your own queries, events, notes, which you can access at any time or share them with other users.

Your current web

Posting team squad, news and results of your teams' competitions on the club's website sometimes becomes tedious or requires computer knowledge. From Colixeum you can update this information quickly and intuitively. We can also customize your website.


Managing bench access control has never been easier and more cost-effective. With your smartphone you can record the journey from the Colixeum, we do the rest. No computers or complex installations. You can controlaccess with only one card, check incidences and access statistics. You can reward the most loyal members.

App an easier way to interact with your club!!!

Colixeum allows you to:

  • Have a digital card.
  • Grant members the chance of updating their own data.
  • Check the game statistics.
  • Manage the team calendar.
  • Receive notifications.