Temperature control for refrigeration equipment


Developed by our team of engineers, our measuring device is compact and easy to install in each of the cooling chambers you want to monitor. It requires minimal effort and time investment, without implying major changes in the infrastructure of your facilities.


Electrical failures, human oversights or malfunctions are some of the reasons that can cause your business to suffer major losses from a cold chain failure. Celsiux provides the tranquility of cloud temperature recording and allows you to check measurements at any time and place.


Celsiux can send email alerts and generate messages in the app itself if the measurement is outside the user-defined temperature range. Gain tranquillity and comfort in face of any equipment problem, even when you are away from your business.


Easy, simple, real-time and from any device. This is the App that will allow you to view the information of the temperatures obtained and that will give your business a control in traceability.


Automatic supervision of the temperatures of all refrigerators and cameras from mobile phones. Visually, it allows you to check and study historical data to detect anomalies in the operation of your refrigeration equipment.


Generation of the necessary documentation (referring to cold-storage) for sanitation checks with just one click. In this way it complies with the regulations without wasting time when recording temperatures.